Guestbook 2012

I am sorry to have to remove the guestbook form, the reason is, people are using it to contact me to offload their unwanted Patterdales.  Very sad. This website was set up as an information site to provide the public information about owning a Patterdale.

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May 23 Fran Dryden
I have just spent more than half an hour looking at your website and I realise now that we have a patterdale. About 6 months ago we were in Ireland on a boat and we visited Athlone as we walked in a busy street a black puppy came through the traffic and lay down in front of my husband. She had no collar or any other identification – we took her to the police. The pound was full so she came to the boat with – just overnight you understand! Suffice to say she came home to Cumbria with us and we thought she might have some terrier in her – our vet thought she was a terrier/labrador cross when we took her in for the jabs, chip, health check and spaying. Having read all your information I realise now she is a patterdale – she has the patterdale personality ( we spent the first few days at home with us re-proofing our dog proof garden! We have another dog (collie cross lurcher) also a rescue case with whom she is very friendly and playful. W e recently took her boating with us on the canals in the midlands – she loved it and was very disappointed not to come home with a duck or a coote… . or even a moorhen. She has a very highly developed prey instinct and this makes recall difficult – she loves the beach and we can see where she is and so far (fingers crossed) she has come back to us – but in her own time!! She has found her way to our hearts but as you so rightly say patterdales need lots of exercise and consistent care and training (She has two certificates from the dog training class). We have just started agility training – no problem with learning how to go through the tunnel!
PS Shannon is our fourth dog – our marriage has never been dog less – and you are quite right she would not be suitable for the novice dog owner!


May 7 Simon
Great website! Keep up the good work!


Apr 8 Keith
Great site


Mar 14 Yvonne
My Patterdale, Trudy, is the pup of a pregnant dog I rescued from the RSPCA. She was the most timid of the pups, so we kept her. Despite her adorable appearance, the first 6 months were a nightmare…… Trudy had separation anxiety and chewed through lino, carpets and a burglar alarm, as well as having ‘accidents’ every time we left her. 9 years later and she is the most fantastic, loyal and funny dog – I’m SO glad I perservered with her. She even adapted to a baby coming into the house, and is my daughter’s playmate. My only fear is what to do when our beloved older dog dies…. Trudy is definitely the opposite of Marlene Dietrich – she never wants to be alone! Maybe we will come to your charity when the time comes for her new playmate….. Great website!

Mar 11 Leigh Harding
This is a great site. Having lost our belovered Lurcher (Tyke) aged 13 we decided to move away from Luchers so as not to keep comparing with Tyke. Being outdoor people it was suggest we look at Patterdales, we went to see a local breeder and there Frankie chose us. He’s so sharp quick to learn and just loves doing stuff. We won best terrier in the felinfech show august 2011. In September Bella came along another Patterdale. I just wish there were more Patterdale clubs and shows. Had we known about Patterdale rescue we would have been down to get our second, still we know now. Keep up the good work. Leigh.
Feb 19 Wayne HoskinsLovely site! We browsed on after realising that our new puppy is probably a Patterdale Terrier X Chihuahua mix (and not a Jack Russell x chi as we’d been told). Fantastic information and lovely stories. Really helpful for us who are new to the Patterdale world.
Feb 19 Vicky Skidmore
We were lucky enough to adopt jasper our patterdale terrier from rescue remedies just over three years ago.  He is such a good dog, and we wouldn’t be without him. Jasper comes to work with me and travels on the overground train monday to friday and is a well behaved seasoned traveller and has plenty of friends on the train who know him by name who he likes to see. Special friends get their knees lightly nibbled with some small howls for good measure.  He is popular with everyone he meets, although he is more a people dog than a dog friendly dog. He has massively improved his social skills with dogs though and he now has lots of doggy friends. Jasper loves his home comforts, and we totally spoil him.  My friends laugh and say that we are the only people they know who get a babysitter in for the dog on our nights out.  Not a day goes by when he doesnt make us laugh and we consider him one of the family.  Dee was totally right to suggest him for us, as he totally fits in with our lifestyle and we adore him.  In my experience Terrier Rescue trusted us with our perfect dog, offered lots of support with some intial problems that we had and gave good advice. Thank you so much for jasper, he says hi he is having a great time here.
Feb 12 Oli
Fantastic site guys!  We’ve got a Patterdale called Daphne, she’s my first dog but I come from a family of dog owners and always had dogs around.  She is an absolute treasure! She took some really firm, constructive and consistent management at first but she’s a star now!
I second what the site says, Patterdales need tonnes of exercise and we’re talking a two hour walk a day for Daphne! Seems a bit excessive but it keeps both me and her healthy! She loves swimming in the river (it’s moderately fast flowing and shallow so it’s crystal clear).  The only “problem” I’m having is her borderline clinically obsession with “ball”. 
I once confiscated one she’d found in the garden – the next thing I knew she’d been out wandering and brought a Bramley apple as a sustitute!  When I move to a bigger property with more land, I will be looking to rehome a Patterdale… they’re certainly a commitment and sometimes hard work, but worth every ounce of effort ten-fold!
Feb 12 Claire Fanson
Enjoyed visiting the site 🙂 have 4 dogs, two of whom are jacks, and have fostered dogs for rescue for 3 years, totally fell in love with the patterdale girl we fostered, not a day goes by when I don’t wish we had adopted her.  Keep up the good work x
Feb 8 Hi I have a Lil Pup called Lilly and we was told she was a Jack russell crossed westie, But my friend told me to look up Patterdales, and my Lil is the spitting image of the first piccy I came acrossed on her, so I am now convinced that is what she is, I have had 2 Jack Russells in the pass and we was given Lilly by an elderly couple who couldn’t look after a pup, I love her to bits and she is very lively but lovely dog, she wants to be friends with everyone and all the over dogs she meet on her walks, she loves sitting on the seat in my car looking out the window when I take her out, so pleased I know what she is now.
Feb 2 Justine Merrall
I have two patties and they are the best. I’d never had a dog in my life until 7 years ago when we got Bertie after dog sitting for a friends’ patterdale and deciding we liked the breed. He was certainly a challenge and has used all his 9 lives (if dogs the same as cats!).  Having said that he is very trainable, loveable and scarily bright. I got a pup just over a year ago and she is also fab but not quite as much hard work (or maybe we’re getting better at it). Both are fantastic with the cat, don’t chase sheep etc and join me when running, cycling and horse riding. I am now very much a dog person and they keep me very busy and entertained.
Jan 31 Sarah Ambridge
I have a 12yr old pattie and one of her patter jack pups (8yrs old) and we own and run a small care home for older people with dementia.  Our dogs are so well behaved with the residents, much loved and bring such joy. They are gentle and sensitive but lively and entertaining.  They love riding in the car and been walked endlessly around our large garden, on leads, by the residents. They sleep on the residents beds when invited to! As they have things to do and look at all day they never get bored and they hear visitors before the doorbell is rung!  Fantastic dogs that we would not change for the world!
Jan 29 Peter Slack
We have a 3 year old (Holly) who we bought from a a guy 4 months ago. Previously had a rough collie (14 years) and a border terrier (13 years) who were great dogs.  After 4 hours of her new home you would have thought we had had her for years, great temprement, great with grand kids and an alround loving dog. Can be a bit of a pain off lead but she will come back eventually!!! She still has a bit of pup in she so is still quite playfull. Think that much of her that we have even booked a couple of holidays in the UK so can take her with us rather than our usual juants to Spain or Greece.  Overall cracking little dogs would recommend them to anybody.
Jan 27 Denise Allonby
I have two patterdales, one 14 yrs and one 20 months. Both gorgeous in their own right even though we sometimes they do not always see eye to eye.
Jan 20 Jules lloyd
We have 2 patterdales, Teddy is 3 and Toby is 2, they are rescue dogs and are something else. You must have 2 patterdales as to watch them togther is great. Not always easy to handle but very rewarding to be with.
Jan 13 Louise Morgan
Our Patterdale Kizzi is one year old and she is an amazing dog. She is quite small for a Patterdale and people often think that she is a young pup, she has a lovely fluffy face and is very friendly. Wherever we go people comment on how sweet she is and she loves attention from passers-by. She has never been aggressive to other dogs or people (except a bark at the postman!). As she is still young she can be naughty by having a chew on things so she is best kept in a playpen/cage when on her own which she really enjoys as she likes sleeping a lot. She is super quick and amazes other dog walkers with her speed when she sprints after her ball. She is a quick learner and gets used to change quickly, she can pick most things up within a few days, she was toilet trained very quickly and loves going in the car. You do have to be firm with Patterdales and we have worked out that she is happiest when she knows her place in the family (pack) but as long as you spend time with them, exercise and train if needed they are amazing pets, we wouldn’t want to be without her.
Jan 10 Debbie Banks
Hello what a wonderful site, we have a male patterdale, a rescue about 5 years old and we have had the pleasure of his company for almost 3 years. He ticks all the boxes for a patterdale terrier and we are totally besotted with him.
Jan 09 Amanda Tromans
Its great seeing a site like yours working to homing patterdales sucessfully. 
We have 3! Archie, a 5 year old lakeland patterdale (our first and a nervous boy who can look after himself), Mckenzie, a 4 year old patterdale lakeland (brought unknowly from working stock and a fiesty little sod) and Brody a lakeland border cross (a rescue dog who is absolutely beautiful but whom we had to work with when she came into heat and fell out with our other bitch BIG TIME!) – we love all of them intensely but have learnt the hard way how to handle them by mistakes made 🙁 We love their characters but are aware of their personalities and wouldn’t be without them for their world, they’re hard work but big love comes with it 😀