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06 12 2013
Jane Wicks – Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people who are busy helping my lovely cousins (Patterdales). l am one of the lucky ones who was taken on at 18 months from Dogs Trust with a load of issues but am in a very good place with people who understand my needs. Unfortunately l am blind now but still enjoy life and have adapted well . Keep up the good work
Love from Tazzy the Patterdale xxxx


03 11 2013
We bought Bertie as a 5 month old who’s family didn’t have time for him anymore (sigh). He is the first dog we’ve owned as a family, although growing up we always had dogs. Bertie is now nearly a year old and having him is a blast, he’s quite possibly THE most sociable dog I’ve ever met!! walking him (off lead) takes me a good 2-3 hours a day as he HAS to greet everything and everyone. He knows who he can play chase and boxing with and who just wants to potter around the field with him. I am often complimented on how good tempered and well trained he is, it’s been a lot of hard work, trust and a pocket full of puppy treats works wonders!!!. In the house he can be found either on a bed, a sofa or killing a sock. We adore him and are pleased he came into our lives x Karen Pierce


12 10 2013
I was looking round and found your website, we have a patterdale called “scrappy” we rescued him four years ago now, and your description of patterdales actually made me smile i thought you must know scrap! we’ve had some ups and downs but like you said they dont sleep outside the bedroom there first to bed!!!! i wouldn’t be without him. Carmel

I have just found your website and found it very interesting, everything you describe about patterdales describes mine down to a t. He is great off the lead unless there is another dog, which we found out yesterday, then he just wants to play, which was a bit overwhelming for the other dog owners- lesson learnt! Dougy is a challenge but a rewarding one. Anna Claire

I live in the US and have a very lively, two year old Patterdale. The breed is almost unknown over here, so I m always looking for more information. You Patterdale Mindset post is dead on and one of the most helpful bits of info I’ve found. For the first year, I thought my Patterdale, Piper Jo, was an aggressive dog. I went out of my way to keep her away from other dogs. Finally, we sought the help of a private trainer and quickly learned she was just excited to meet other dogs! I’ve completely changed how I handle her situation and now I have the most wonderful running companion. This also means she is getting. More exercise and is much less rambunctious. This breed is so different from my other dogs … Boston terriers. Once I figured out her quirks, she’s become the best, most loyal companion I could ever ask for. Thank you for choosing new owners for these pups so carefully!
Emily Finley USA



We adopted Digger from Terrier Rescue back in 2007. He was renamed Hector at the time but we preferred his original name because it described his character perfectly. He is now nearly 11 years old and is the most fantastic companion. I would like to thank Lynne for introducing him to us and also for all the invaluable advice on this website. 
Georgina Mason

Patterdale Terrier x Collie
20 July 2013 We have a Patterdale Terrier x Collie who is 3 years old. The puppy years were a struggle and he was rather a handful but we stumbled on your website and were glad to see that many of his ‘faults’ were actually Patterdale traits!! Once we realised this, we adapted his training and, although he will still chase anything that moves & we have to keep an eye out for the hedgehogs in the garden in the evening, he’s a lot easier to handle now. Although he’s a hunter he also loves to curl up with us on the sofa for a cuddle!  Tracey Lane

14 May 2013 Maureen Gamble I found my Rosie at the side of the road 17 years ago and it was love at first sight. Apart from neglect, all she needed was love. It was a bit of a culture shock going from our beautiful border collie to a Patterdale (!) but I have never known such loyalty from a dog. We are nearing the end of her days now and my heart is breaking at the thought and the prospect of life without her in it, but it was fate we met that day, and how lucky have we been to have her in our lives. Thank you, wee Rosie.

12 May 2013
So lovely to have found your website! I’m in the Netherlands and own 3 Patterdales, mum and 2 sons. I love them to bits. 

Bonnie, Charlie & Pluto owned by Suzanne

There are not many of them over here but now I know where to get one if I ever run out of Patties. It’s nice to read about and recognise their specific characters. People over here think they’re a bit off, but hey, they’re just being Patterdales!
Best regards,
Suzanne, the Netherlands

27 April 2013
I am so glad I found this site. I rescued my little Annie 6 years ago from the pound. She was just a pup, they thought she was a schnauzer mix. After having her about 6 months I knew she was not a schnauzer! I began looking online and discovered she is most likely a full blood Patterdale terrier. When reading about them it is like they were writing about her!
I love looking at Patterdales and reading about them. Thank you for the website!

25 March 2013
Just wanted to say thank you for all the advice on your websites. We thought long and hard about a dog and adopted a black and tan ‘terrier cross’ from the RSPCA. We could not work out what type of cross, those pointy ears surely were not from a German Shepherd?  What we really got was a black and tan patterdale terrier. Your sites have allowed us to identify him and identify what behavior is normal to him. He is the most loving and intelligent little dog, led by the sniff of his nose. It made me laugh reading about patterdale traits, because you described all the things he does. The cat next door got did not enjoy their first meeting, and he loves my husband so much that he has taken to following him round the house. It gives us a good starting point to care for him properly.
Keep up the good work.
Michelle Lewis
Co Durham.
(A Terrier owner)