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Lou & Nigel wall bank
We have a patterdale called ‘Sydney’ and he lives with our rescue dog ‘Millie’ a Westie cross. Sydney loves swimming & is a very loving dog, however, he can be very boisterous too!
We would definitely have another Patterdale as we think that they are very loving family pets.

Michelle jehan-Malby
Flo is now 4 months old. Patterdale x Rough Collie. She is a little sweetie. I see both traits shine everyday. Loves the family life, especially my 8 year old daughter. And is also slowly bonding with our cat.

Karen V
I rescued a Patterdale at 6 months – she had been docked and tried for fox hunting – the fox won and she has the scars on her leg to prove it! A Patterdale is a highly special breed and provides daily challanges! However Pippy is the most loving, sooky, clever little cookie who is starting to win obedience competitions, despite many people suggesting obedience isn’t appropriate for a terrier. it is with time and patience – please keep up the good working in rehoming Patterdales as so many people misunderstand them, and rest assured obedience IS a good “outlet” for their skills and I would recommend it to anyone rescuing a patterdale.