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My boy, Ben, is one of your “sad stories spun to success” featured dogs. He came into our lives in a complete frenzied whirlwind 7.5 years ago and has been wreaking havoc ever since. He is amazing, does all the things you don’t want him to (can’t let him off the lead, pulls on the lead, catches birds in bushes as you are actually walking along with him on the lead, barks at cars, hates visitors, tries to escape etc.) but everything you do want him to do (clever, funny, puppy-like, cuddly, kissy, streetwise (he’s a survivor)) he’s so rewarding. Apparently he was 2 when we got him, which means he is 9 now and still no sign of calming down. Love this boy! Jackie

Hi Patterdale help group, oh so familiar with all your experiences ‘Bo’ has tried three times to kill herself, furiously swimming down the middle of the Thames to Kingston not willing to abandon her escaped foot-ball, crossing a motorway, then there was the bee sting, she nearly was a goner with that. Rescued after being thrown out onto the M25 some 12 months ago, tried to home her unsuccessfully, but she knew she wanted to live with us, and our old Collie (what a difference). But what a gem we all love her, it’s just getting your head round her thinking and watching for those “I’m off now…see you later” moments. She gets on well with the old Collie, (now) plays a bit rough but always plays the sub, lets the Collie hold her upturned neck and belly in her mouth….Gawd She can go off lead for mad relentless ball throwing, far from roads and closed paths…. river side oddly enough, happily comes when called unl ess her attention caught by a squirrel, but only is a minor delay. Catching up with all the Colllie things, very smart, loves a lap, and at dusk when she collapse in her blanket and treasured toys, good company, the Collie will never sit with me …it’s a pack think, she’s not worthy…. Dan Honey







Just seen your site and felt the need to share my sheer love of this breed. Teddy was up for rescue after Badger baiters left him for dead in a field. Farmer got him to the vets and after surgery to his face he was up for adoption and joined our lives on 31/10/14. Since then there have been far too many adrenalin fused events and scrapes to mention. In spite of this, we love the scruffy rogue so very much. He recently gave a wire- haired, fox terrier a run for his money, terrier racing at a local country fete. So intelligent and loving, we look forward to many more years of joy with him. Helen Oct 24





Two years we have now had our little wiggly bum as we call him. Had never really heard of the patterdale before but OH MY GOODNESS could never be without him now. Sept 14 Helen McGilvary


My husband and I rescued a Patterdale 3 years ago. We read that they weren’t for the faint hearted but still we didn’t know what hit us! After much reading about and studying the breed and working with a behaviourist we have come to understand our Pattie. He needs respect, understanding, lots country walking (on extending lead), mental stimulation and lots of cuddles. In return, we now have a sociable, fun loving, loyal dog with amazing character. Don’t give up on them, you get back everything you put in. July 12 Beverley


After losing our 16 year old westie a few years ago we struggled to bring ourself to “replace” her but the pull of having another dog became too much and, after researching the breed, Ella joined our family at 8 weeks old in March of last year. Ella is now 16 months old and displays all the typical characteristics of a Patterdale including the enormous amount of affection towards everyone in the household. I could not imagine life without her especially the evenings without her cuddling up on the sofa. Ella also helped me turn my health around given the amount of exercise she needs and which we enjoy together. Martin


Pippin_1I have just had to have my 9 year old patterdale put to sleep and as sad as I am i want to say that no dog has brought me greater joy to own then he did, I rescued him at 4 months old and knew nothing about patterdales but boy did he set out to teach me and there began our wonderful bond and for me 9 years of lessons full of the most fun packed moments.  I have a rescued Jack Russell who is now 13 and not so steady these days and they had good and bad days together I must now make life as lovely as I can for her and then when the time is right I will wait for the patterdale who will find me and begin a new story.  For anyone thinking patterdale please please be sure this is the breed for you as they are such a loving dog and deserve love back and understanding for their breed. Carolann Feb 18

I have a 3 – 4 year old rescue Patterdale Terrier…
She is exactly like what you’ve said. Flo is a nightmare but i wouldn’t be without.
Always running off from the house and out the garden…she does come back after a while though.
I can’t let her off the lead cos she wont come back to me. Destroys the house if left alone too long as she is bored.
All in all though, she is a wonderful, beautiful dog who i couldnt be without. She has brought love into my life 🙂
Ella Simpson Jan 28
Rolly Patterdale

I have just come across your website and started reading your description of Patties, and laughed out loud.

I am an experienced dog owner and used to dealing with rescues with all sorts of hang ups.

I always considered myself ‘accomplished’ after rehabilitating many needs. That was until a Pattie came into my life and turned it upside down!!!!!!

Recall – nope! Kill the neighbours chickens – yes! Shake with sheer adrenaline at everything- yes! Deslike every child under 6yrs – yes!!!

Not really selling the breed am I? That was 5yrs ago. We now have a loyal, loving dog who comes back ( most of the time) tolerates the chickens, lives with cats and we wouldn’t be with out.

They are like no other breed, at the end of the day, this is a working breed, who’s energy and enthusiasm is extreme. Learn to channel this, and you couldn’t ask for better! (We now have a second!) ‘
Rolly Patterdale’ Sarah Henniker Jan 8 2015


I just thought I would share my experience with the Patterdale Terrier.
We got our Patterdale when she was a pup and she has brought us nothing but joy. She is absolutley full to the brim with energy and is constantly up to something. She is completely obsessed with tennis balls or cuddly toys and if she hasn’t got one in her mouth or nearby she feels lost. She loves swimming and chasing squirrels and rabbits (although she has never caught anything). She loves playing ball in the park too.
She is not a lover of dogs (or cats) however we do also have a Yorkshire Terrior and whilst they have had their moments, they are completely inseperable and best of friends. She craves attention from anyone that will give it to her and if your not paying attention you will usual get a wet tongue all over your face.
I hope to always have a Patterdale in my home so long as I have the energy to keep up with one.
D Parkinson Dec 23 2014