Guestbook 2011

Dec 12 Sue F
We rescued a patterdale 3yrs ago Evie she was possessive and grumbly and chased anything. We already had a small rescue terrier bertie. She has been worth the time patience and effort. She is loving, clever appears to read minds and tells bertie off regularly. Everything on your website describes her to a T and we wouldn’t be without her as my son said on first seeing her she has stole a bit of my heart and still continues to do so.

Dec 13 Siobhan
I got my Patterdale from Dog’s Trust when I was 8 years old for my birthday, my parents were worried I would have a phase and soon get bored of him. This wasn’t the case, I have always had a passion with animals, and fall in love with dogs especially! He was so happy to come home with us, he wouldn’t stop crawling all over us in the car! I’ve never even met another dog with a personality like his. I called him Ozzy and he came home with our other family dog Mitsy, who is a Collie. He was reserved at the Dog’s Trust and when the reserved owners found out that he had no bottom lip and his nose had been torn to the side, they decided against getting him. We were so happy we got to have him! He had some serious battle wounds. He ran away all the time when we first got him, he didn’t realize he was doing wrong, he was just always out to have fun! He came back so many times covered in mud and cut up, we tried so hard to keep him at home. Everyone who met Ozzy absolutely adored him! He was so smelly, yet everyone who met him always wanted a cuddle, he always had to be center of attention! He was a little drama queen, and of course was SO energetic and hard to keep up with, but he was so so happy and adored everyone. He got older and now I am 17. I am not sure how old he was when we got him, but the Dog’s Trust thought he may have been about 2. I think he was older than that though. Ozzy started losing confidence when jumping up onto furniture, and we realized over time that his little back legs were becoming weak. We have laminate flooring and he started slipping over, we think he may have had a stroke in the night. He started falling over more and more, and over a course of two years he could no longer walk, his legs wouldn’t hold him up. He was put to sleep yesterday. It was and still is so shocking and I am absolutely destroyed, but he couldn’t go through pain like he was. He was my dog, he always walked with me, although he adored everyone else in the family. He heeled to me, and always came up to me when I was upset and rested his head on my knee as if to say ‘it’ll be okay’. He was always the most loving and cheerful dog. When we took him to the vet, he looked at us all with life in his eyes, the first time in years. I was stroking his face when he was injected, and he was looking at me dead in the eyes the entire time until he went. Seeing him pass was the most awful thing, I was watching my best friend go, yet it couldn’t have been more perfect. I have never grieved this much over a pet in my whole life. There will never be another dog for me. My Patterdale was something special, and I believe that anyone who gets a Patterdale and takes care of them and loves them like I loved mine, will see that they are one of the most human-like animals with the best personalities and just want to love and be loved in return. Rest in peace Ozzy.

Nov 30 Katie Hopkinson
Otto came to us nearly two years ago. He had been handed into a council and they didn’t have any kennel space for him. He was due to be PTS and when we heard we raced up to Barnsley to get him. He was only a year old, yet had lived on the streets and had two homes. We brought him home and offered him structure and support. He is now the most lovely dog who loves his family so much.

Oct 30 Liz Jaxon
I once owned a delightful little Patterdale bitch called Polly. After we’d lost her to old age at 15 years we contacted Terrier Rescue and Lynne pointed us in the direction of a lovely young Patterdale bitch called Whoopi who had had a rotten start in her young life. We visited her at her foster home and took her back to Gloucester with us and changed her name to Pepper. She has turned from a slightly feral youngster to a simply adorable, wonderful, entertaining little girl and we love her. Patterdales are not everyone’s cup of tea – they take a bit of understanding – you really need a terrier mindset to own one. They love working at a task – set them a challenge and they are really determined to work it out. We have found that Pepper (and our two jack russells) love to stimulated mentally as well as physically, and if you can understand them (and stay one step ahead of them) they are the most fantastic breed of dog.

Oct 24 Liz
Since we had Pepper from you 2.5 years ago, we haven’t looked back. She was a challenge at the beginning due to her rotten start in life, but now she is so trustworthy and we adore her. She is allowed off her lead wherever we go walking as she is never far from us, but her favourite thing is to go down to the local flood field and play with her football. She’s got the most amazing ball skills; she’s legendary in the locality! Someone asked if I had trained her to play football the other day. Also someone tried to buy her off me – what a flipping cheek. She still won’t let strangers pet her – warning them off with a sharp bark but she’s a delight. She keeps the two jack russells to heel too – if they are wandering off ignoring my calls, she rounds them up for me! The brightest, sharpest most entertaining little dog ever. Thanks for letting us have her.  I notice that her mum’s people have reported on Tilly on here too.

Oct 9 Sue and Steve Hesketh
This is by far the most accurate website that I have come across which concerns the breed and needless to say, I agree with everything that you have said.

I deliberated for nearly a year on which type of puppy to introduce into our home. I had just about settled for a Springer Spaniel, until I was woken up one morning by a the young Patt from across the road. She (Coco) got into our cottage (through a window). She bounded on to the bed and made a big fuss of my wife and I, I was instantly hooked and started to investigate the breed. We eventually found a reputable breeder in nottingham and had the pick of a litter of 9. Stig (of the dump) is an incredibly handsome black fell (with paws like a St Bernhard). He will be 3 next month and is the best male companion that I have ever had. He has been coming to work with me since he was a pupp and up until last month (when I retired) he has been constantly mixing with 100′s of recruits and staff. My instructors adored him and he quickly become the mascot of the military training wing that I once commanded.

In summ, I am as a passionate as anyone about Patts but I would never recommend them to anyone that i do not believe is set up to handle them. Your website hits the nail on the head, so keep up the good work and find these fellas the right owner.

Oct 8 Judy Polak
What a wonderful site!! I have a 4yr old Patt x who I took over from my son, everything I have read on here describes my little man down to a tee. You do need to be a special sort of person to own one of these fabulous dogs, I am still learning 3 years down the line, but I would never consider having another breed of dog now!

Sept 20 Roseanne
I have a patterdale cross whipet she is a fantastic dog she was a ‘mistreated’ pup I got her at 3 months old at the time it was to help a mate who rescued her and was ment to be for a week or two she’s 2 soon lol, and now I could see my life without her she is a little character and has so much intelligence I don’t know who I would spend my days arguing with without her. she is a very special girl that i love lots

Sept 3 Dawn Edwards
Dale is our Patterdale, we adopted him from Terrier Rescue just over a year ago. I must say he is a character, we have a staffy as well who is really laid back.  We wouldn’t swop him for the world, he has a dodgy ear which sticks out and he could eat anything and everything if we’re not careful, but we love him to bits!

Aug 30 Elaine Huckle
Skye a Patterdale/cross came into our lives in a remarkable way. Two dogs were just left in the fields where we live in the middle of winter and deep snow about 5 years ago One of the dogs which I never saw was rescued straight away but dear Skye kept avoiding any support to help her. I saw her chasing the horses and pheasants but all I could do was leave food and call her beauty as she stood some way away looking at me under the Cedar Tree.  She survived for 3 weeks in the snow and finally she plucked up courage to walk in to my home and meet my other rescue dog Labrador/cross -Lucy. I called the Dog-Warden who confirmed that she was some exhausted dog. Immediatly Lucy befriended her and also a gentleman offered a home for her who lived nearby, collected her. Fortunately for us she returned the next morning and was playing with Lucy in the garden so naturally she became our dog. She was poorly afterwards and had to have a hysterectomy which the kind man who also offered her home, paid for. Everyone was concerned for her.  She has turned out to be a gentle, playful friend to Lucy, myself and my husband and dearly loved by the wider family and other dogs which are many. She also has friends at Yorkshire Wildlife Park so little Skye somehow chose where she was going to stay. We chose the name Skye because the day she arrived we sang Over the sea to Skye at a Burns night party.  She has given us great joy ever since

Aug 24 Claire Grove
We adopted Tilly, our Patterdale, from Terrier Rescue and have had her for about 3 years now. She was very much a member of our family from day 1 and with a lot of love, patience and boundary setting, she settled in very quickly.

We have 2 young children, and she became very close to our eldest and sleeps in his room every night. Tilly considers our youngest to be a little lower in the pecking order and if our daughter is getting a cuddle, Tilly will be there like a shot trying to get in on the action and subtlety edging our daughter out of the way. She is reminded who is boss by our dog-savvy little one though!

After years living outside before finding her forever home, Tilly makes it perfectly clear that she prefers home comforts and needs lots of persuading to go for walks when it’s cold (she is 10 now!). She has been known to hide and not come out until she thinks the moment has passed.

Family holidays are arranged with Tilly in mind, and on our last trip she discovered swimming in the sea. Patterdales are definitely a breed that need a LOT of mental stimulation, and trouble happens if they get too bored.

We get a lot of attention from people who want to pet ‘the cute dog’, and I think a lot of people home Patterdales and other terriers on looks/size only. We are very experienced owners who have had terriers since childhood, but we have made mistakes that have led to my husband and postman being bitten. Thankfully all concerned realised it wasn’t Tilly’s fault, and we adapted very quickly to ensure it couldn’t happen again. We remain on friendly terms with our lovely postie too! This was in the early days of having a Patterdale, and we realised you can never be complacent with such a lively, clever breed.

I would heartily recommend researching the Patterdale breed before committing to re-homing one. You definitely have to go into this with your eyes open, as cute looks doesn’t often go with compliance. We wouldn’t be without Tilly and love the Patterdale breed for their intelligent nature, sparky character, determination and a little bit of wilfulness!!!

Adopting Tilly was easily the best decision we ever made, and we remain eternally grateful to Terrier Rescue for their diligence in their home checks and vetting interview, which led to them recommending the best dog for us. Tilly’s a happy, healthy and loving dog and none of us would be without her

Aug 16 Joanne, Olivers Mum
We have a 20 monts old patterdale called Ollie. We have had him sine he was 7 weeks old. He is the centre of my universe and I love him so very much. He is very loving at home with the family and my two children play rough with him all the time and he loves it. What is difficult is that he becomes very aggressive to anyone that comes to the door and he decides at the stables who he likes and who he doesnt. We did go to puppy classes and I think perhaps that some more training is required for his aggresive behaviour to strangers but will do anything possible because I couldnt think of life without him now.

Aug 14 Mark and Maggie Hornby
I met Tasmanian Devil (Taz) last year while voulunteer walking dogs at the local R.S.P.C.A. shelter where he was for 5-6 months. The name says everything about his demeanour and reputation- he’d several failed re-homings behind him, he’d put another dog in hospital and lasted 2 days with us before we sent him back.
However, with support from the shelter staff we (1st time dog owners) gave it another go and now 15 months on we are the proud owners of the best dog in the world. He has taught me so much about relaxing and patience along with assertiveness and he gives back many times over what we put in. A fantastic dog that could have been put down. Your site was essential in illuminating the character of the typical Patterdale for us.

Aug 12 Chris Hordley
Excellent site ! We have had Patties for 12 years and have learnt most of what has been said the hard way. Glad we did not read this before homing our first, Buffy from the Blue Cross. sadly, at 14 she has developed a nasal tumour and we are taking it a day at a time (she does not do vets prodding and poking, or indeed being old now). Unfortunately we lost a younger Red Fell Terrier with cancer suddenly in March, he had read the book on naughty terrier behaviour or was it because he wore a collar with the sliding letters S P O I L T ?

Aug 12 Pat
Patterdales arer bad mine is the devil dog but so loving he can control and bring to their knees 25 cows but is so sweet

Aug 10 Lee
Hi..just wanted to say what a brilliant site!!! I have a little rescue Patt called Jack..first time with a Patt and I love him to bits. Totally adorable breed…oh yes they can be hard work..but worth every minute.  Have to be truthful I had never heard of Patterdales before Jack found me..and now i’m like the mad dog lady..jumping out of cars to talk to anybody who has dog that even resembles a Patt!!!   Well done for this site and hope lots of Patt’s get loving homes with people who are willing to learn and love!

Aug 5 Eva Ledger
My name is Eva I am 9 1/2 months old and I came from the dogs trust when I was very tiny, I had been left in a shed with my 2 sisters I was the smallest of us all, the dogs trust found me on christmas eve.  My humans took me home in January to my forever home,
The dogs trust thought I was a x breed, then when Mum & Dad took me to the vets for tablets the nice vet laughed and said I am sorry I think you have a patterdale!
Mum and Dad then looked up lots of stuff on the computor and they are glad they did coz now they know I am not naughty its just who i am and they learnt lots of things about Patterdales.  I live with 2 old cats who sometimes I chase but only coz I want to play with them not to hurt them.   Mum has shown me your web site and we think its really good and we have learnt even more about who I am from you, thank you very much and thank you for saving other patties like me xx

Aug 2 Nicola Noon
This is a great website with loads of information and, more importantly, affection for what is a delightful breed.  I adopted Barney from the Dogs Trust just over two weeks ago. He’s an eight month old Patterdale and after week one I was done. After spending all day walking and playing with him he slipped his collar and ran away in the park. I was so sure I would never see him again I only half-heartedly looked for him. Knowing their instinct, I assumed he would be off chasing rabbits or the poultry in the allotments that adjoin the park. But I was wrong! He had joined a family who was playing football and simply wanted to join in. Since then we’ve actually been on better terms and a real bond is slowly developing. He is getting much better at meeting other dogs and will even sit on command (on occasion!!). My life has been turned upside down since he came along and already I’m wondering what I did before I had him. I’m hoping this feeling continues!

July 28 Alison Pitchford
Finally a website and a group of people that understand patterdales, i have had my little nutter pat now for 4 years he was from a rescue centre, he was badly treated by his previous owners. He was 18 months old when we had him after the first 2 weeks i wanted to take him back he drove me crazy, but after learning more about him and some retraining, i wouldn’t be without him he’s my best pal we go everywhere together and love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa together for a cuddle.

July 10 Vikki
Thank you so much for the website! We have a 1 year old patterdale x border called Poppy. She’s great with my two year old and with other dogs, i think i should have called her lightning though, as when she takes her “mad” half an hour. she speeds around the house like a bolt of lightning to my daughters delight might i add! I am so glad you have posted all this information on the site as we went through a stage recently where Poppy has been chewing and being a little pushy with me. I was frustrated because we have trained her well, she loves doing tricks and is well exercised. Reading your information has helped me understand that she is at that stage in her life where I just need to introduce the next stage of training. Puppy training classes were the most stessful time for me! Picture this “the trainer trying to show me how to get poppy to sit to take a treat, it takes poppy to sit on her bum now for any more that 0.5 secs she’s always ho vering lol. The lady would not give her the treat till she sat so poppy reverted to jumping off of all fours (thing on a spring lol) she wasted most of the class time trying to get her to sit”. Maybe she did not know enough about Patties will power? Funnily enough distraction works best and she’ll do anything for a good bit of tripe keep up the good work

June 6 Scruffs owners
My name’s Scruff and I’m a Patterdale Terrier. When the apes saw me on the internet, they didn’t know anything about Patterdale Terriers, but they knew they wanted to give me a forever home. When they found out that I’d been living in the dogs’ home for about six months, and had been a stray before that, their minds were made up. Well, the apes still don’t understand why I was there for so long, because they think I’m lovely. OK, so I didn’t know how to do anything they asked me to do, and I sure did a lot of pees and poos around the house at first (that was unfortunate, especially on the new carpet; I soon learned to do it outside), and I got into the neighbours’ gardens a couple of times. Oh, and I chewed up some things that the apes had stupidly left lying around. But they forgave me. Hey, how could they not? I’m adorable! I have a big smile, sparkling brown eyes and lots of curls (some of them auburn).

The garden walls are higher now and I stay on my lead when we go on adventures, because where I live there are a lot of rabbits and squirrels that I’d quite like to chase, but it’s all good. Life’s good. I found my forever home and I have two brothers – a Collie and a Jack Russell. They’re funny and if you asked them who their favourite brother is, they’d both say me! We go out every day and have a fun time. I meet all sorts of dogs on my travels and everyone falls in love with me. I have loads of friends. So many times I’ve heard that this one and that one would like to take me home, but I’ve got it too good to go anywhere.

The apes tell me I have a big heart and that I brought my brothers, who also came from the dogs’ home, out of their shells… which is a weird thing to say because they don’t have shells. Dumb apes! (I think they mean I gave them confidence. I was patient with JR, for example, because he didn’t like dogs. Still doesn’t, really. He was really scared because he’d been picked on. Because of me, never giving up on him and showing him how to play, now he’s much happier and we play together every day. He’s my wingman.)

Anyway, all those apes that walked on by and ignored me when I was at the dogs’ home  missed out in a big way. I’m loving and clever and funny. I learned how to get the treats out of Dog Spinny before the Collie, dagnammit, and they’re supposed to be super-smart! I make the apes laugh every single day and I wake them up with kisses. In return, they give me nice things like cuddles, toys and good eating twice daily.

I hope all you Patterdales reading this will find your forever homes and can be as lucky as me someday. Believe and it will happen.

Big respect to the apes who set this up. You’re doing a wonderful thing for my Patterdale brothers and sisters. Don’t give up! There are Patterdales out there relying on you, loving you. Know that they will never forget you.

June 5 Sarah Wilkinson
I am the kennel manager or Cleadon Local Authority kennels in sunderland, last year we recived a young patterdale dog who had been run over, he was going to the vets to be checked looking like he would have to be PTS, however 1 emotional breakdown, and a very good vet later we came to an arrangement to try and fix his leg, still not knowing if it would have to be amputated at a later date. Due to the injury he did not go back into kennels but came home to foster with me, till he was ready to be re homed, in my house we already had a GWP, Springer, Collie X, 6 chickens, 5 year old son and a cat! It took around 6 weeks of vet visits every 3 days for dressing changes and check ups. Safe to say Roscoe is now nearly a year later is still a member of my family, comes to work with me and Alfie the GWP every day is perfect around kids,dogs horses and cats and has never put a paw wrong. He will be 2 this year and is a stunning red boy, he still only walks on his bad leg 70% of the time but will get there eventually I had to fight for him in every way but he was beyond a doubt worth every argument and tear. xx

June 4 Kathryn Jones
My goodness don’t you know your Patterdales!!! We have a rescue Patty who is now aged 10. We continue to see improvements in his confidence and behaviour every day, even though we have had him for 2 1/2 years, he had such a lot of hurt to undo. Having a rescue dog is one of the best things you can do in life, so rewarding. We would not change one day on our journey with Sam and love him to bits. Persevere slowly and calmly, every dog deserves to have their day

May 30 Emily & Kev
Think your website is great!!!
We own a 9month old smooth coat Patterdale; Alfie, and he has changed our lives completley…for the better. Yes he’s very challenging but also very rewarding.
Keep up the good work!

May 18 Louise Walker
Hi I came across your website and just wanted to comment on the fantastic work you do with the patterdales. I was especially touched by Stella as I own a patterdale and a border. Had them both since pups and the patterdale has had 2 hip ops. I agree that patterdales arent suited to everyone and people should research the breed before getting one. For those thinking of rehoming, life will never be dull, fantasic dogs even if sometimes a little challenging. .keep up the good work

May 18 David
I have had my rescue Patterdale cross (Jack) for two years now, and although I have had dogs before, Jack was something else! He was about 3 years old when I got him, almost completely untrained (but house trained) and at first, he would go for other dogs and strangers if they put their hand down to him, and was sensitive about being handled. I think he had been abused and was fear aggressive.

I immediately put structure into his life and found that he was a very intelligent dog and learned very quickly all the commands, he loved to be praised and given treats but was prone to selective hearing on the recall! He is very strong willed out in the countryside and if he wants to smell something and follow his nose, he pulls, however a Halti lead works quite well. The only time he goes off leash in a field is with a 30ft trailing lead so I can catch him, but he doesn’t wander far. He is a good guard dog and I can now do anything with him.

He is a real fun dog, well laid back, and likes to play chase, and will “steal” a sock or some other item to attract attention, drop it down close, then snatch it away again and run off – it always works. He is incredibly patient now, know all the commands and can do tricks. He will wait for me for hours sometimes and the expressions on his face and body language are very clear! Guilt, complete innocence, it wasn’t me, where’s my dinner, lets play, and come on lets go out, are just a few.

May 17 Joan Ann  Perry
Hello, I have just come accross your website about Patterdales. I have ALFIE a 4 year old and I thought he was a rogue dog, albeit a loveable one. He hates Men with beards, Hats, Tall men.  Any cat, bird or even any other dogs, oh and I forgot to mention that he also hates children and crying babies!! But I hasten to add HE LOVES ME,and I him. But sadley I cannot trust him at all, which is sad really, I have tried three different muzzles,but he gets them all off after 2 seconds, From what I have read on your site, he seems very normal for a Pattie!!

May 8th Buddys Owners
Two months ago, I got lost and a nice lady found me and looked after me for a few days. There was no room for me in the local dog pound or rescue centres so faced being put to sleep. No-one claimed me as lost. Soon after the local newspaper wrote about me and I was on the front page!! That day someone rang the Council to say they recognised me but I was no longer wanted and hadn’t had a very good life so far. Luckily my new mummy found out about me and took me to live and play with her, my new daddy, brother and Staffie sister, Jess.

My mummy was told I was a Staffie X. She thought, until yesterday, when she found a photo of a Patterdale, I was a thin Staffie X along with being a descendent of Rex, a naughty but very loveable black Lab mummy and daddy and their two children adored for 13 years.

The vet says I am around 10 years old. I think he’s having a laugh – I may look old but I don’t act or feel it. My mummy says that’s something we have in common!

My Staffie sister is older and tells me off sometimes but I often pinch her favourite place on mummy and daddy’s bed ‘cos she can’t jump or run as quickly as me. She also can’t keep up with me when mummy throws my ball so I always win. She is quite sneaky though and she get’s her own back on me by charging at me, knocking me over and taking MY BALL back to mummy. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for getting prime spot on the bed.

I like to show my affection to my 20 year old human brother and visitors by way of holding on to their legs with a glazed look in my eyes. Mummy says that type of behaviour is not really acceptable so I’m off to see the vet again tomorrow to be “done”. Not too sure what mummy means but I don’t think I’m looking forward to it. Last time I went to see him, I came home with a “chip” in my neck. Mummy says this time I will be coming home with less than I went with but she hopes her friends will start visiting us again.

I’ve only been called Buddy since I’ve lived here. Nobody knew my name and I couldn’t tell them. Mummy kept saying “hey buddy, we don’t have that sort of behaviour here” for quite a few days – still does actually. The name kind of stuck but she also says she loves her new little Buddy.

I hope all unhappy and unwanted Patterdales end up as lucky as me. I’m feeling a bit tired now so think I’ll have a nap before dinner. Mummy says I snore even louder than daddy and sound like a warthog but I don’t understand what her problem is ‘cos it doesn’t keep me awake!  Here’s to many more happy days Love Buddy xx

Sat 30 April Mr & Mrs Stickley
Your website is wonderful. We are so happy people will learn to love Patterdales as we do. Our latest baby is Phoebe who is 4. Couldn’t imagine life without one. Keep up the good work.

Mon 25 April Steve
Today Suki my lovely patterdale passed away after 14 yrs of giving me love. She was a lovely dog with boundless energy. Extremely hard work in the puppy stage but how rewarding it was to be. In her time she ate the phone and I’d always come home to find an array of onions and potatoes strewn across the floor. An extremely loving dog was to emerge adored by all the family and yep like a visitors comments below would cuddle as close to a family member as she could and she too could be found at the bottom of my sons bed. RIP Suki my life today feels very empty a true friend has passed away

Sat 24 April Jane
O help, we’ve aquired a patterdale! She had been running loose in the valley where we were staying on holiday (near Ullswater in the Lake District), neighbours had been feeding her but had been unable to catch her and the farmer was going to shoot her on next sighting. My children finally caught her with a ‘sausage trail’ after a barbeque.
(The warden and police had previously been informed and no dog reported missing)
I was brought up with a pattedale so I know what we have let ourselves in for.
We have called her Bega after the Saint who travelled from Ireland to Bassenthwaite.
She is a 6 month old black and tan smooth haired bitch, utterly adorable and she will have a good home here.   Thank you for the website, it has brought back memories of my childhood dog and has reminded me what we are getting in to.

Sat 24 April Eileen Petrie
Hi, I have just stumbled across youre website and have enjoyed reading all the stories,I have a patterdale crossed with a border terrier but she looks 100% patterdale to me. Her name is Poppy and she will be 3 in July. I have owned many dogs in my 49 years but none as challenging as little pops,for the first year she was a chewer and I mean anything she loved wood and picking holes in my shag pile carpet but almost 3 years in,and a new lounge carpet we are hooked she is the sweetest,most loving,loyal creature I have ever owned she cuddles up with my 3 cats and is adored by my children,she must always sit on or near one of the family and cuddles up in bed with my 21 year old daughter every night,yes she is ruined and likes to be carried round like a baby but she is the heart of the house and there is nothing better at the end of a hard day at work than coming home to Poppy and I must add all the chewing has now stopped.

Fri 8 April Nat Glover
Hi! Just found your website, after many hours searching the internet for information about Patterdales! I am so glad that I have found somewhere that seems to put into words some of the unique qualities of little patterdales! 1 week ago we got a 9month old rescue patterdal pup. It appears his earlier owners gave him up to the local vets to be put down becasue he is very lively! We have had him one week and all that we can see wrong is that he possibly has not been socialised or walked on the lead. He is a joy in the house and we are taking him to puppy training 1-2-1 classes so hopefully he will learn to behave! After having Yorkies all my life, patterdales are so much more demanding and funny! But inside the house he is an angel and we are confident that we will be able to show him the correct way to behave! I would appreciate any advice! Thanksxx

Tue 29 March Marie
Hi we had our Patterdale Jilly for 17 years along with Jack our Lakeland x bedlington and they died 2 years ago within 7 months of each other – left a huge hole in our hearts and lifes though not getting on with any other fluffy moving thing, apart from jack – Jilly was a mummy to her human puppies – our now grown up children, she was very patient with them and enjoyed been pushed round in the dolls pram. She was very laid back – where as jack was the more excitable one, though she was a bully when it came to a cup of tea – she just had to have yours!!! A Patterdale is a fantastic loving friend to have x I miss mine SOOOOO much. Her button nose and her black silk ears, and her gentle snores that put me to sleep xx such a loyal and true friend xx I pray you find thease special characters deserving homes they have plenty of love laughter and suprises to give, they need lots of love, and even more understanding. Keep up your good work, one day we may feel ready to ask you to help us find another true loyal friend when the time is right xx